Top Reason to List Your House For Sale Now!

Top Reason to List Your House For Sale Now! | Keeping Current Matters

If you are debating listing your house for sale this year, here is the #1 reason not to wait!

Buyer Demand Continues to Outpace the Supply of Homes For Sale

The National Association of REALTORS’ (NAR) Chief Economist, Lawrence Yun recently commented on the inventory shortage:

“While feedback from REALTORS® continues to suggest healthy levels of buyer interest, available listings that are move-in ready and in affordable price ranges remain hard to come by for many would-be buyers.”

The latest Existing Home Sales Report shows that there is currently a 5.1-month supply of homes for sale. This remains lower than the 6-month supply necessary for a normal market and well below November 2014 numbers.

The chart below details the year-over-year inventory shortages experienced in 2015:

Housing Supply Year-Over-Year | Keeping Current Matters

Anything less than a six-month supply is considered a “Seller’s Market”.

Bottom Line

Meet with a local real estate professional who can show you the supply conditions in your neighborhood and assist you in gaining access to the buyers who are ready, willing and able to buy now!  Get started today with a real estate professional…call us at 610-432-0900 or visit us anytime at

NAR Reports Reveal Two Reasons to Sell This Winter

NAR Reports Reveal Two Reasons to Sell This Winter | Keeping Current Matters

We all realize that the best time to sell anything is when demand is high and the supply of that item is limited. The last two major reports issued by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) revealed information that suggests that now is a great time to sell your house.

Let’s look at the data covered by the latest Pending Home Sales Report and Existing Home Sales Report.


The report announced that pending home sales (homes going into contract) are up 3.9% over last year, and have increased year-over-year now for 14 consecutive months.

Lawrence Yun, NAR’s Chief Economist, expects demand to remain stable through the final two months of the year, and “forecasts existing-home sales to finish 2015 at a pace of 5.30 million – the highest since 2006.” 

Takeaway: Demand for housing will continue throughout the end of 2015 and into 2016. The seasonal slowdown often felt in the winter months hasn’t started and shows little signs of being near.


The most important data point revealed in the report was not sales but instead the inventory of homes on the market (supply). The report explained:

  • Total housing inventory decreased 2.3% to 2.14 million homes available for sale
  • That represents a 4.8-month supply at the current sales pace
  • Unsold inventory is 4.5% lower than a year ago

There were two more interesting comments made by Yun in the report:

1. “New and existing-home supply has struggled to improve, leading to few choices for buyers and no easement of the ongoing affordability concerns still prevalent in some markets.”

In real estate, there is a guideline that often applies. When there is less than 6 months inventory available, we are in a sellers’ market and we will see appreciation. Between 6-7 months is a neutral market where prices will increase at the rate of inflation. More than 7 months inventory means we are in a buyers’ market and should expect depreciation in home values. As Yun notes, we are currently in a sellers’ market (prices still increasing).

2. “Unless sizeable supply gains occur for new and existing homes, prices and rents will continue to exceed wages into next year and hamstring a large pool of potential buyers trying to buy a home.” As rents and prices increase, potential buyers will not able to save as much for a down payment and many may become priced out of the market.

Takeaway: Inventory of homes for sale is still well below the 6 months needed for a normal market. Prices will continue to rise if a ‘sizeable’ supply does not enter the market. Take advantage of the ready willing and able buyers that are still out looking for your house.

Bottom Line

If you are going to sell, now may be the time.  Call us at 610-432-0900 or visit us at if you are thinking about buying or selling in the next year.

Building continued momentum for your real estate business – Real Estate News

I wrote this almost exactly 2 years ago, and it’s still true today.

Building momentum for your real estate business:

Push vs. pull, law of attraction or just plain physics. There are certain laws of the universe at work in determining your success.

We’ve all experienced it. You get in a funk. Nothing seems to be working. You feel like you’re beating your head against a wall, your attitude tanks. You’ve lost your mojo and so you retreat.

OR success after success, like a snowball effect, one thing leads to another. You’re on fire and you can do no wrong! Every time you turn around there are new opportunities landing in your lap seemingly out of nowhere!

Sir Isaac Newton knew a thing or two: His first law of motion states:

An object at rest will stay at rest and conversely, an object in motion will remain in motion, UNLESS compelled to change by another force.
(as defined in Wikipedia)

A tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged…A property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force…
Life can throw some curve balls and take you off track sometimes. Inertia is a natural response when things don’t seem to be going your way. The problem of course is that no momentum can be built in a state of inertia.

Ebb and flow is a natural phenomenon observed in the waves of the ocean, and in all life cycles. We see it in Real Estate all the time. The same is true with business…Eventually the pendulum must swing back.

So how can you kickstart it and create some momentum to get things moving in your favor and create some opportunity?

Start with doing ANYTHING and incorporate these basic principles into your life:

Like attracts like.
Spend time with other successful people.
Review last year’s successes; rinse and repeat!
Shake off any negativity and look for the positive!
Life rewards action so commit to one small step you can make today. Focus on the little step, NOT the overwhelming hill you need to climb. ie: commit to writing one blog post a week or making one call a day to previous clients. Just getting CLEAR can be a step in the right direction.  FOCUS! Try not to get sidetracked before you accomplish your goal.
When you’re stuck, getting out for a walk to clear your mind and get you moving is a sure-fire way to get you back on track!  Remember, this too shall pass. Nothing lasts forever which is great news when you’re in a funk, but kind of a  bummer when you’re on a roll.
Keep getting up. Trick is to enjoy it when things are going well and just breath and keep moving forward when you’re being sucked back.
Take the time to learn the lessons you need to learn and don’t take it personally.
Whether you’re enjoying successful momentum or struggling to stay afloat, remember not to take it personally. Remain humble and don’t take yourself too seriously ~ It will be much easier to ride that wave.


All my best for a happy and successful 2015!

Michael Mann

Job growth among millennials will drive 2015 Real Estate Market

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Despite decreasing affordability for houses next year, expect more home sales in 2015 — in part due to increased purchases by millennials who are finding jobs and expanding their families.

The unemployment rate for Americans between 25 and 34 hit 6.1% in November, the Labor Department reported Friday. That’s the lowest level since July 2008.

In general, jobs for those younger than 35 years old are being created at a faster pace this year, said Jonathan Smoke, chief economist of, which released its 2015 housing forecast earlier this week. is owned by News Corp., as is MarketWatch.

“The tired old story that millennials are unemployed and living with their mom and dad — those circumstances have changed quite a bit in 2014,” Smoke said.

What’s more, we’re at the beginning of a mini baby boom, prompting more millennial parents to seek homes large enough for them and their offspring, Smoke added.

The last huge spike in births was in 2007, when a record high number of births were reported (4.32 million), according to data from the National Center for Health Statistics. For the first half of 2014, the growth trend is looking similar to that year, Smoke said. And if the trend holds, there could be more than 4 million births in 2014 — putting it in the top 25 years for births since 1909, when records began — “but more importantly setting the stage for an even bigger 2015,” Smoke said.

“Housing is driven by life,” Smoke said, “and [members of] the largest generation in history are coming into their own.” The median age of a millennial is 24; the older half of the generation is now between the ages of 25 and 34, as Smoke defines it.

Of active millennial home shoppers surveyed this summer, 86% said the primary trigger for purchasing a home was because they had a change in their household size or were anticipating one, according to a home shopper survey of 1,236 participants by BDX, which operates the nation’s largest network of new home web sites. BDX is a joint digital marketing venture between Move Inc. (the News Corp. subsidiary that runs, and Builder Homesite Inc. About 32% of millennial buyers said they were planning to increase their family size, and 18% said their family size had already increased.

That said, the affordability of homes is expected to decline 5% to 10% next year, according to’s 2015 housing forecast. That’s due to expected home price appreciation (prices are expected to be up 4% to 5% next year, compared with 2014) and rising mortgage rates (expected to rise mid-year, with the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage reaching 5% by year’s end). Luckily, the increased cost of buying a home will be at least somewhat offset by rising incomes, he said.

Still, the rise in mortgage rates will likely mean more people exploring adjustable-rate mortgages, which offer lower initial rates than fixed-rate mortgages, Smoke added. With rates on fixed-rate mortgages currently so low, only 9.8% of all conventional mortgages for the purchase of a single-family home in the third quarter of 2014 were adjustable-rate mortgages, according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

Smoke is forecasting an 8% increase in existing-home sales next year, 16% growth in home starts (21% growth in single-family home starts), and a 25% increase in new-home sales. The homeownership rate should decline slightly, though the rate of homeowners younger than 35 years old should increase, he added.

The top 10 markets for housing growth next year, according to Atlanta-Sandy Springs, Ga.; Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas; Denver-Aurora-Broomfield, Colo.; Des Moines-West Des Moines, Iowa; Houston-The Woodlands, Texas; Los Angeles-Long Beach, Calif.; Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, Minn.; Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale, Ariz.; San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, Calif.; and Washington, D.C.

Mortgage guidelines easing, Interest rates rising, and who is going to own your clients?

For More Information on the 3% down and Specific Freddie and Fannie Guidelines click here!


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USDA says “No More Loans”…and, say goodbye to the Good Faith Estimate


USDA SAYS “no more loans” Say goodbye to the good faith estimate and Where have all the Loan Officers gone??

Next week we are giving away an Kodak Zi-8 HD video camera…. To enter all you need to do is comment below, comment on the show, or comment on my beard… just leave a comment, we will pick the winner at random on next week’s show……

On November 21st USDA said they were no longer accepting any new loans for the rest of the month… They completely shut the door on all new USDA loans…. They did this in order to improve the efficiency in processing. So they opened their doors up to new loans as of December and we are excited to see the faster processing of their loans.

Speaking of USDA, this is just one of the loan programs in which The Michael Mann Team specializes. Here is just one example of a USDA loan that we did this past month: The loan submitted to processing on November 5th and Clear to close on November 20th… The original closing date was for December 12. This is just 1 example of 4 USDA loans that we got Clear To Close in 30 days or less… On to other news:

Realtors and Lenders, Say good-bye to the good faith estimate.. That’s right, apparently in the August of 2015 we will all be saying good-bye to the good faith estimate and it will be replaced by… (Drum roll please)… A Loan Estimate….

Yes a loan estimate. That is the new form that is a result of the 2000 page regulation that the government spent a whopping 1 million dollars….. I’m not sure how much they spent but you know how it probably wasn’t pretty…. Also there will be another new form called a closing disclosure. The closing disclosure has the same format as the Loan estimate form making it easier to tell if your loan terms change between the time you apply and the time you close. But until august of next year, lenders will be using the same old forms as we always have….

And last but not least remember that song by Paula Cole, Where have all the cowboys gone? Well they will be making a remix of that song in 2016…. It will be named where have all the LO’s gone??? With all the changes and the additions in 2015 we will be seeing another mass exodus of Loan Officers from the business. So make sure your LO is here to stay. LO’s should work with a reputable company that has a track record for staying ahead of the curve and the ability to make the changes necessary to stay in the game. If you have a great Loan Officer that may not be at the right company, Fairway Mortgage is looking for a few good men and women. Please call us with your recommendation and perhaps we can set up a private meeting…

Well thanks for watching, don’t forget to subscribe above or please feel free to hit the share button, send it to your friends and comment below to win the HD video camera…. Have an outstanding day!

Do you want your business to slow down this winter?????


Silly question right? I don’t think so… most people I talk to are worried about having a winter like last year, but……

You DO NOT have to slow down during the holidays/winter…. Where is it written that you MUST slow down? The problem is….. What consumes your mind, controls your life. So if you are consumed with worrying about your business slowing down in the winter, guess what, it will slow down. If you are focused on growing, prospering, and being successful, guess what, you will see opportunities everywhere…. The gas station, the grocery store, your kid’s soccer games… There are people talking about Real Estate everywhere.

5% of the people you see and talk to on a daily basis are looking to buy Real Estate right now….. 5% of your database, 5% of your friends and family, 5% of your extended sphere of influence.. All looking to buy Real Estate right now…. That’s 1 in 20 people….. that is what I focus on….. you could say “Yeah but Mike, that means 19 of them are not” That’s what 85% or Realtors and Loan Officers say. It’s the same 85% that fail to make a full-time living in our respective industries. That is a fact, 85% of us don’t make enough money to survive in our industry.

The good news is YOU CAN CHOOSE TO NOT BE PART OF THAT 85%…… It’s a choice. You can choose to fail or you can choose to succeed… Which one will it be?

Our motto for the rest of the winter 2014/2015 is, “We don’t slow in the winter time, our competition does” I don’t want that to come off sounding wrong here. I want this to be the positive mantra of my mortgage team and I want my Realtor partners to adopt the same principal…. So what do you say? ARE YOU IN????

I will be holding a ½ day workshop at my office for agents and Loan officers that want to stay busy this winter and accelerate into winter on a high note…….

How do I stay busy Mike through the winter? If it was that easy everyone would do it?  Great question, and you are right… If it were that easy, everyone would do it. They would commit to signing up to attend any workshop (not just mine) but over 80% of agents nationwide fail to invest in themselves and their business…..

I knew it, I knew it would cost me money…Actually this workshop is FREE for all attendees and is open to all agents and loan officers that want to attend.

The holidays are approaching, what if I am too busy to attend on that day?  Keep this in mind, your competition will be here, learning the secrets of how to stay busy through the winter. And if you are too busy getting ready for the holidays then you are probably too busy to grow your business.

I do want to let you know there is a catch……..   You knew there was a catch?…. HA

They catch is…. I need each attendee to bring a toy for a child that wouldn’t otherwise be having a Christmas…. We are going to donate the toys to families in need……

So are you in???? Here is what you get….

  1. I will share the 5 things Top Agents in the country are doing right now to guarantee their business stays hot through the cold winter
  2. The 3 things I do to stay top of mind with my referral partners
  3. How to get a listing from every listing
  4. How to work with more buyers than anyone in your office
  5. Lunch!!! That’s right, I said it… Lunch, heck its worth it to come hear me babble on just for the lunch……

Fill Out the Form Below to RSVP or call the office 610-432-0900.  We hope you will come…we’ll share our knowledge, and you can share your blessings with a needy child.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Michael Mann