Do you want your business to slow down this winter?????


Silly question right? I don’t think so… most people I talk to are worried about having a winter like last year, but……

You DO NOT have to slow down during the holidays/winter…. Where is it written that you MUST slow down? The problem is….. What consumes your mind, controls your life. So if you are consumed with worrying about your business slowing down in the winter, guess what, it will slow down. If you are focused on growing, prospering, and being successful, guess what, you will see opportunities everywhere…. The gas station, the grocery store, your kid’s soccer games… There are people talking about Real Estate everywhere.

5% of the people you see and talk to on a daily basis are looking to buy Real Estate right now….. 5% of your database, 5% of your friends and family, 5% of your extended sphere of influence.. All looking to buy Real Estate right now…. That’s 1 in 20 people….. that is what I focus on….. you could say “Yeah but Mike, that means 19 of them are not” That’s what 85% or Realtors and Loan Officers say. It’s the same 85% that fail to make a full-time living in our respective industries. That is a fact, 85% of us don’t make enough money to survive in our industry.

The good news is YOU CAN CHOOSE TO NOT BE PART OF THAT 85%…… It’s a choice. You can choose to fail or you can choose to succeed… Which one will it be?

Our motto for the rest of the winter 2014/2015 is, “We don’t slow in the winter time, our competition does” I don’t want that to come off sounding wrong here. I want this to be the positive mantra of my mortgage team and I want my Realtor partners to adopt the same principal…. So what do you say? ARE YOU IN????

I will be holding a ½ day workshop at my office for agents and Loan officers that want to stay busy this winter and accelerate into winter on a high note…….

How do I stay busy Mike through the winter? If it was that easy everyone would do it?  Great question, and you are right… If it were that easy, everyone would do it. They would commit to signing up to attend any workshop (not just mine) but over 80% of agents nationwide fail to invest in themselves and their business…..

I knew it, I knew it would cost me money…Actually this workshop is FREE for all attendees and is open to all agents and loan officers that want to attend.

The holidays are approaching, what if I am too busy to attend on that day?  Keep this in mind, your competition will be here, learning the secrets of how to stay busy through the winter. And if you are too busy getting ready for the holidays then you are probably too busy to grow your business.

I do want to let you know there is a catch……..   You knew there was a catch?…. HA

They catch is…. I need each attendee to bring a toy for a child that wouldn’t otherwise be having a Christmas…. We are going to donate the toys to families in need……

So are you in???? Here is what you get….

  1. I will share the 5 things Top Agents in the country are doing right now to guarantee their business stays hot through the cold winter
  2. The 3 things I do to stay top of mind with my referral partners
  3. How to get a listing from every listing
  4. How to work with more buyers than anyone in your office
  5. Lunch!!! That’s right, I said it… Lunch, heck its worth it to come hear me babble on just for the lunch……

Fill Out the Form Below to RSVP or call the office 610-432-0900.  We hope you will come…we’ll share our knowledge, and you can share your blessings with a needy child.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Michael Mann

Proven secret to getting more Listings – Real Estate News

new listing

The opportunity for getting more listings is right in front of you.  Are you taking advantage?  A couple of very easy strategies will guarantee you success in getting more listings and more sales.  You can employ these strategies with FSBO’s, expired listings or even your everyday prospects…

Listen to what one of the agents who attended our training told us:

 I just returned home from a listing appointment with a FSBO. I asked the 3.5 questions, told him HOW I would market his home, gave him the flower-pot and asked him if he had any questions that I did not answer. His reply was “No, you blew me out of the water because  you brought stuff to me already and explained what you would do for me besides just put my house in the MLS and on the internet.”

He need a few weeks to straighten up and de-clutter then he’s going on the market. Another agent was to see him but he wasn’t as impressed with them as he was with me! This was all thanks to your training.  Thank you again, YOU ROCK!! See you on Monday for even more training!!

Congratulations to this very happy agent!  I’m pleased that you are employing the strategies and making a difference for yourself and your new client.

What are the 3 and 1/2 questions?  What is the deal with the flower-pot?  Join us for one of our Lunch and Learn sessions and find out.  We hope that by sharing strategies that WORK with our community we will build lasting relationships.

Please contact us for details about our next training session.  To this agent, AWESOME JOB!  Keep it going!

Michael Mann

Supporting Our Veterans-Real Estate News


One of the great things about this country is that we do a lot for those who have served us. And in the area of real estate financing, we can do exceptional things.

Understand that the VA (Veterans’ Administration) is, in the mortgage world, like HUD is with FHA financing. They are an insurance company, collecting premiums and using the backing of the Federal government to guarantee the payments to lenders. Because of the government’s guarantee, lenders can stretch traditional guidelines and offer very competitive terms (of course, while adhering to the VA’s guidance).

Some of the more attractive features of a VA loan are:

  1. 100% Financing on Home Purchases – Veterans, assuming they are in good standing, can buy a home with no money down. In most cases, the maximum VA loan is $417,000.
  2. The Ability to Finance Reasonable Closing Costs – On many VA loans, the closing costs are negotiated into the sales price and the seller pays them. This feature can significantly reduce the cash a veteran needs to buy a home.
  3. More Understanding with Regards to Credit Challenges – In an effort to help those who served us, lenders are more liberal towards hiccups in credit.
  4. Common-Sense Look at Income – Rather than approve loans strictly by income ratios, VA mortgages incorporate what is called Residual Income. There is a form that actually budgets all expenses (not just housing) to account for family size, heating and electrical usage, and more.
  5. Financed Insurance Premium – The VA charges what they call a Funding Fee to set up a fund to reimburse lenders, should a default occur. The Funding Fee varies on loan terms and usage (consult your lender for exact costs), but the good news is that it is typically just added to your loan. Instead of paying thousands of dollars up front, you can pay $10-$50 a month in a higher payment.
  6. Refinancing Your VA Loan is Easy – Through the I.R.R.L. (Interest Rate Reduction Loan) Program, getting a better rate (if the market has better rates) does not carry with it all the verification of income, credit, appraisals, and assets of other loans…and closing costs can be added into the loan! The logic is the VA is already “on the hook” and lowering the payment increases the likelihood of continued payments, so why not be as lenient as possible.

For more details, contact us and speak with a Military Mortgage Specialist. With millions of veterans returning home the opportunity of VA financing needs to be publicized.  We also offer great discounts for our Heroes in the community with our affiliation with the Homes for Heroes program.  Giving back to those who serve us is our duty, our obligation, our honor.

Michael Mann

You Should Never Buy Real Estate!-Real Estate News

house danger

I know you are thinking … WHAT????? Michael, you are in Real Estate….. Have you lost your mind????? Bear with me… Read on……

You should never buy real estate without doing the following things first ……..

NEVER EVEN CONSIDER BUYING REAL ESTATE unless you have been pre-approved for a mortgage. That should always be your first step. There is no point in even looking for your dream home unless you know that when your offer is accepted, you’ll be able to finalize your purchase. Shopping for a home without a pre-approval is only window shopping…you won’t be able to make an offer without a pre-approval…so start there FIRST. (we can help with that by clicking here and filling out our short pre-qualification form)

NEVER EVEN CONSIDER BUYING REAL ESTATE unless you have enlisted the services of a Realtor (licensed by the National Association of Realtors). A Realtor is your guide and your advocate through the buying process. They are there to protect you, to guide you and to make sure that the transaction is legal and in your best interest. If you shop on your own, you may be setting yourself up to be solicited by the sellers agent or agency, whose primary focus will be on the sale, not in your best interests. So, be smart. Get someone on your side who is a professional and is working in your interests and your interests alone. (we can help with that..if you need a referral to a great agent, please leave a comment or contact us through our contact page)

NEVER EVEN CONSIDER BUYING REAL ESTATE unless you continue to collect your supporting documentation. When your Realtor brings you to your dream home you’ll immediately make an offer. When that offer is accepted your team will kick into high gear to make the transaction happen. The first thing that your mortgage provider is going to ask you for is your updated paystubs and updated bank statements. Didn’t you give them this stuff before??? Yes. But they’ll need it again (“most recent” is the underwriters favorite phrase). So do yourself a favor and continue to save all your bank statements and paystubs during the time you’re shopping for your new home…you are going to need them!

NEVER EVEN CONSIDER BUYING REAL ESTATE if you are a Veteran without looking into your VA benefits. Most of our veterans qualify for 100% financing on their home purchase, which means you can buy with no money down. Please be sure to contact your local VA mortgage specialist by clicking here, filling out the contact form and be sure to have your DD-214 available.

NEVER EVEN CONSIDER BUYING REAL ESTATE if you are a first time home buyer without getting a free consultation or without attending a first time home buyer seminar. At a first time home buyer seminar you will learn the benefits of renting vs owning, the tax benefits of purchasing a home and you will find out your credit score, how much you can get approved for and what your monthly payments would be and down payment requirements… A lot of times it is much less than you think. To find out more about what you can learn and when the next First Time Home Buyer Seminar is in your area CLICK HERE and inquire about our upcoming events.

Buying a home can be a very stressful transaction…but getting a mortgage in The Lehigh Valley doesn’t have to be. Be an informed consumer:

  1. Get a Pre-Approval before you do anything else (click “apply now” above)
  2. Get a professional Realtor on your side (we can refer you to a local professional full time realtor if you need one)
  3. Continue to save all of your documents as you look for a home (you’ll need them)

Buying a home is probably your greatest investment. The home will be your greatest asset, and the mortgage will probably be your biggest debt. This is a big decision. Don’t do it alone! Be informed and get a team on your side before you even think of buying Real Estate.

Michael Mann